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General First-Aid-Kit

We recommend to have following things on hand in the stable



the body temperature should never be under 37,6 C and never over 40,00 C

with your dwarf goat.

The body temperature should never be under 38,5 C and never over 39,5 C with your goat

Disposable gloves

It is very important to keep a good standard of hygiene, for you, as for your goat

Disposable syringe

2 pieces , of 2,5 ml and 5,0 ml, each

Curved Nail scissors

To take care of an open wound, the hair around the injury should be taken away, to avoid infections                                                                                    

Bandage material

„Vet-Flex“ is available in different width. This bandages are self-sticking and stay in place, buy at your veterinarian or at special shop

Claw scissors

There is an advantage if you use Scissors with straight cutting edges, rather than Scissors with a curved cutting edge. The scissors should be on hand immediately in case of claw-injury.


Powder or Spray- available at chemist's shop.

Spray for claws

Use on injured claws and also horns, available at special shop.


Can also be needed at the birth, available at special shop or at your vet.


in example for the udder (massage, milking, control of Milk flow)


For treating external Wounds, an abscess or loss of hair - important: only use drop by drop, don't use in areas around the mouth or eyes - available at chemist's shop.

Carbon-tablets-or fluid

Use to treat slight Diarrhoea Always call the vet, if your goat has got a bad diarrhoea.

i.e. Respirot

stimulates the breathing (blood circulation), i.e. with newborn kids or elderly animals, put underneath the tongue, if they have got problems with breathing, available at your vet.

z.B. Kamillentee

Clean gummy eyes

Carbon-tablets-or fluid

alumina acetate with arnica and camomile. Attendance of: sprains, swellings, insect bites.


Write down everything  important before you call your vet, this will help him, and, in the end, might lower the costs.


To let gas escape, which causes wind, you will have to hold up your goat, incline, like shown on following picture. Take a rope or a wooden slat, and get your goat to start chewing. This way, the gas can escape. This emergency expedient can also help animals suffering from  wind with different causes and brings relief for your goat or dwarf-goat until the vet arrives.


From the book Ratgeber of  Marianne Brunner




Always call your veterinaerian immediately if your goat is badly injured or very ill.

If you are unsure, call your vet, there  is no use for any medicaments ect. if you don't know what you are doing, never forget your animal is a living being!


Be aware off:

a quickly told diagnosis,

from people who call themselves specialists, i.e. over the phone.


Our Tip:

We will help you

If you are unsure contact us

(you can also use the forum)

we will help you and answer your questions!



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